Katy Perry’s secret to wider-looking eyes

Katy Perry’s Makeup Trick For Wide Eyes - Met Gala 2018

Hint: It has everything to do with where you apply your eyeshadow

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / May 08 2018

Just when you think you know how to do your makeup, clever pros like Katy Perry’s makeup artist, Michael Anthony go and invent some genius technique that changes the game. 

Notice something a little different about Katy’s Met Gala eye makeup?

If you spotted the use of eyeshadow in a straight line below her brows, as opposed to a curved shape all over her lids (ahem, how we’ve being doing our own makeup for, like, forever), then you just uncovered the secret to wider-looking eyes.

This is exactly how Anthony created the look: “I used the darker shades of COVERGIRL Peach Punch palette on the hollow of her eyes and went straight across towards the end of her brow, and the effect was that her eyes looked very wide and open. I also used the champagne colour on the centre of her eyes to make them really pop.” 

So instead of applying eyeshadow all over your lids and blending it up to your brow bone, just sweep a straight(ish) line below your brows (parallel to your forehead) from where your brow starts in the middle, to where it ends past the outer corner of your eye.

Make sure you avoid the inner corner of your eye because this will make your eyes appear brighter, as well as help them seem wider.

If you don’t like how obvious the line is, too easy. Just blend it more. 

Seriously simple and yet it can make a dramatic difference to the look of your features. 

Unfortunately, the COVERGIRL Peach Punch palette that Anthony used on Katy won’t be available here in Australia until December (we know! Talk about a tease!), but the good news is it’s not about the product you use, but rather nailing the technique. Any eyeshadow in any colour – although neutrals will look more subtle and natural – will do the trick.

Good to know: If you’re more obsessed with Katy’s your-lips-but-darker Met Gala lip colour, then you’ll be please to know you can get your hands on the exact shade: COVERGIRL Katy Kat Matte Lipstick in Kitty Purry.

COVERGIRL Katy Kat Matte Lipstick in Kitty Purry

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What do you think of this look? Are you keen to give this eye makeup technique a crack?

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