Katy Perry reveals the skin-changing beauty and wellness hacks Miranda Kerr has gifted her

We stan a skin care secret-sharing modern family

Digital Beauty Editor / February 01 2023

We’d like to think that there are officially no people left on the planet who assume that an ex and a current partner can’t get along, but just in case there are, Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry (ex-wife and current wife of Orlando Bloom, respectively) are here to prove that not only can they support each other in general, but they can support each other in the skin care stakes, too.

The pair made an iconic appearance together at the 2022 G'Day USA Arts Gala (where Perry even presented Kerr with her 'Excellence in the Arts Award'), but the lovefest didn't stop there.

Perry blessed Instagram with a photo dump of gorgeous snaps from the event, with a caption even more stunning than the pictures. "i loved celebrating my fav 🇦🇺Aussie Aussie Aussie 🇦🇺 (oi oi oi!) & sister from another mister 😂 @mirandakerr the other night @gdayusa Art’s Gala. congrats on the honor, I love our modern family & I love @koraorganics Turmeric Glow Moisturizer so much i dressed like it ✨," the singer wrote.

On top of crediting Kerr with creating one of her favourite face formulas, Perry also gave the Kora Organics founder a little gratitude for bringing a new wellness hack into her life. "also thank u for introducing me to celery juice I just thought they were those veg stick things I stir me Bloody Mary’s with 🤦🏻‍♀️," Perry wrote. The wellness queen strikes again!

This isn't the first time the two have shared beauty advice (or supported each other publicly), either. Perry and Kerr took to an Instagram Live back in 2021 to chat all things complexion-care, and Perry shared that she was jumping on (with nothing but a “little concealer”, FYI) to “show off her skin” after first trialling the same Kora Organics Turmeric Glow Moisturizer ($80 at Sephora) she still loves.

"One of the great things about about being close with Miranda is that I get to try out all her products, especially when her son who's 10 years old comes home with them and I look through his little backpack... and you gave me this new moisturiser," Perry told viewers, sharing how she got her hands on the stuff.

Kora Organics Turmeric Glow Moisturiser

"It has changed my skin game so much. I was like ‘Miranda, if you ever wanna do a live about it, [I’m down]. I have no investment in it, nobody's paying me...I've used everything on my skin. I've used La Mer, I've used all of the amazing dermatologists in LA, all of their lines, and this one has changed my skin so much. People are like 'you're glowing! You've got rosy cheeks!'"

Kerr also gave a bit of a breakdown of why she created it and what it does: "I'm obsessed with brightening, because I've had pigmentation on and off ever since I had Flynn, and I have a constant battle of trying to fight it. Turmeric really helps with that; it's anti-inflammatory and really brightening for the skin."



The recommendation means a lot, too, considering Perry has previously dealt with skin concerns that made finding a moisturiser a bit tough. "I have had adult acne in the past, and that's why I had been not leaning into heavy moisturiser, because I'm going to get these cystic zits underneath my skin that I can't even pop... I was a little bit scared of heavy moisturisers."

That fear, however, is now a thing of the past. "I use it for both morning and night, and before I'm about to put on a ton of makeup," Perry confirmed. "I don't even use primer anymore. Anybody that knows me knows I love to lean into the whole glam [thing], but this doesn't make my makeup so dry-looking anymore; it makes it very fresh and youthful."

She's not the only one in the Perry-Bloom household sneaking a swipe of the stuff, either – "Orlando uses it as well; we kind of fight over the [refillable] pods." Damn, that's one in-demand face cream. And a modern family with impeccable taste and attitudes all around!

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