Kayla Itsines' new equipment-free workouts are no freaking joke

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August 04 2020

So, you’ve lost all motivation to work out, huh? Been there, know that feeling. We’re officially five months into quarantine and if you’re anything like us, you memorised your running route, exhausted all YouTube yoga classes and carved an imprint of your body into the couch cushions long ago (hey, no judgement.)

But here with the opportune timing is old mate Kayla Itsines, who’s devised the perfect program to put an end to all of our excuses. Enter BBG Zero Equipment.

"Talking and listening to many women around the world in the past few months, I understand the many complexities and barriers that women are facing to exercise during this time," the Sweat trainer said in a statement. "It can be daunting not having access to a gym and having to work out at home without equipment whilst trying to juggle the pressures of living and working. Listening to the needs of women, I created BBG Zero Equipment to help make working out at home as simple as possible by removing the need for equipment and giving women the tools and confidence to workout effectively using their body weight."

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BBG Zero Equipment is a 16-week program that, as you probably guessed, requires no gym gear at all (that includes a mat, btw.) Following the same format of the BBG Workouts, the four 28-minute sweat sessions (Full Body Circuit, Full Body Bootcamp, Arms and Abs, and Full-Body Chair) gradually get more advanced as time goes on. Oh, and no stress if you’re super short on time - just smash out one of the Express workouts which only take 12-13 minutes in total.

Weeks 1 – 4.

This part of the program is designed to ease you back into your fitness routine. It includes three resistance workouts to target the upper body, lower body, full body and abs, as well as two low-intensity cardio sessions (LISS) and a designated rest day.

Weeks 5 - 12.

The goal here is to complete four resistance workouts made up for two seven-minute circuits (repeated twice) with four exercises. You can also expect two cardio sessions and a recovery session. (High-intensity cardio is introduced in week nine.)

The number one reason we can’t wait to give the new program a go? (Besides fitting into something other than loungewear post-iso, obvs.) It includes 70 new bodyweight exercises that haven’t been seen on the SWEAT app before.

"I tried and tested all 70 new exercises in my BBG Zero Equipment program in my lounge room in Adelaide [Australia], and designed the program to be done in a small space so you can work out in your apartment, bedroom, or kitchen," Kayla said. 

Sign us up.

Download the SWEAT app to find out more.

Image: @kayla_itsines 

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