Keke Palmer's dermaplaning accident is *tragic*

Yeah, nah, tbh.

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / June 23 2020

It seems even celebrities aren’t safe when it comes to falling victim to the dreaded, trigger-happy dermaplaning facialist.

Keke Palmer has had to lay to rest her beloved baby hairs as a result of one such incident – a moment of silence for Keke’s curls please.

According to Keke, her facial consultation had been pretty kosher up until that point, “I love the facial, as you can see the skin is *glowing* woah!”, saying she’d booked the appointment to target acne-causing hair follicles. “I have a lot of hair on my skin that contributes to me having acne.”

Everything quickly went south when Keke realised that after dermaplaning her peach fuzz and “chin beard”, the facialist made the executive decision to take Keke’s edges. “My baby hairs! She took ‘em.”

See the damage for yourself below:

This article has been written in memoriam of Keke Palmer’s baby hairs.

R.I.P 26.08.1993 - 21.06.2020

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Main image credit:@keke

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