Kendall Jenner shares the 11-minute workout she swears by

And you can do it without leaving the house

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

Not only is Kendall Jenner a member of one of the most talked about families in the world, but the Kardashian-Jenner sister also has an impressive modelling resume, including being the face of Estée Lauder and walking the Victoria’s Secret runway for the last two years. So when the model revealed on her app the workout she does when she doesn’t really feel like a workout (which is us, always), we were keen to learn how we too can squeeze in a sweat session when the time, place or motivation level isn’t ideal. 

“If I’m travelling or don’t feel like leaving my house, these are ALL the moves I try to get in - in just 11 minutes!” she wrote. Kendall also shared a video showing exactly how to do her favourite exercises, including tips for keeping in form while doing them. 

The video features a whole lot of planking exercises including the forearm version, high plank and side plank, as well as other exercises such as crunches and Russian twists. No wonder the model sports some serious abs!

For the full 11-minute Kendall Jenner-approved workout, you can watch the full video here

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