The mascara trick both Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner use

Get ready to throw your regular routine out the window

Digital Beauty Editor / July 06 2020

Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara in Over Brown

“You use the curled part [because] it shapes to your situation,” Jenner explains, highlighting the curved nature of her go-to mascara’s wand. It seems the black-on-top-lashes, brown-on-bottom hack has been a favourite of hers for some time now, too. “I use brown mascara on the bottom because I don’t like too much on [the lower lashes],” she shared back in 2016. “Patrick [Ta, long-time Kar-Jenner makeup artist] taught me that. It gives me more of a subtle look.”

The 'natural lash' look

As for the verdict? “Wow, I feel it,” Kardashian West says of the finished look, admitting the results proved her doubt wrong, while also sharing an all-too-relatable mascara-related struggle. “My dad used to always walk by me and he would be like, 'Kimberly, can you close your mouth when you put your mascara on?'" Kardashian West recalls as she applies.

“He [was always like] 'I bet there are two things you can’t do in life: close your mouth when you are putting on mascara, and walk by a mirror without looking in it'," she laughs. Honestly, we've yet to master either of those skills, so we’re with you KKW.

Main image credit: @kyliejenner

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