*This* is the beauty trend Kim Kardashian just 'can't' do anymore

Off the roster

Editor / June 24 2022

Considering Kim Kardashian ushered in the era of full 'glam' and amazingly OTT aesthetics/trends ranging from contour painting to waist-length extensions, you'd be forgiven for thinking 'practical' wasn't necessarily her first criteria for beauty looks.

These days, however, our favourite trendsetter has taken a turn toward simpler, more 'sensible' styles if you will, at least when it comes to nails. In fact, there's a look she once adored that she has now taken right off the roster.

"I can't do long nails," she confessed in a chat with Allure, confirming that she's retiring the claws (at least for now).

"When I have my nails on, everyone will laugh. They'll be like 'nothing you're saying on text makes sense'." Relatable; anyone who's ever tried a set of talons on for size will know that they're no friend to an iPhone keyboard. Or anything you're trying to pick up, use or touch, TBH. Not exactly ideal for a mum of four/business mogul/lawyer-to-be.

But what said nail length lacks in practicality, it sure does make up for in attitude, as Kardashian well knows. "Every once in a while I get [long nails] for vacation, [and] I have a whole different attitude," she noted.

Also relatable! Remember the way Euphoria star Alexa Demie 'acted' through her nails? That's the kind of fiery finger pointing goodness we're talking about.

Let's take a moment for the long nail vibe we've loved and now lost...




So what can we expect from Kardashian now? Our guess would be the short, chic neutral manicures we've seen her embrace from time to time in the past.




But while she's a nude polish-loving queen there's no doubt, we're optimistic that the loss of length means she'll try a few bolder looks in the colour and design realms - perhaps a neon from time to time, or (deep breath) some nail art. Here's hoping!

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