How to nail the dopamine manicure

A big time rush

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / June 16 2022

Has the chill of winter sent you into an untimely bout of seasonal depression? 

Do you know what pairs perfectly with a snuggie and your comfort meal of choice? Mood-enhancing manicures. 

Introducing: Dopamine nails, the bright and colourful nail trend that’s set to activate some happy-making brain chemicals. 

So how can we make this new trend work for us (and our steadily declining serotonin levels)? 

Well, according to Rita Remark, Essie's global lead educator and nail artist, "the idea is to choose colours and/or designs that bring a rush of joy like a hit of dopamine specifically for you," as explained in an interview with POPSUGAR




"They may be on trend or they may not be, but if they genuinely make you happy, that's the main point," said Remark. 

"Choose bright, bold colours," she went on to say. “Nail stickers or even nail jewels can also be used for 'dopamine' nails. It's all about whatever makes you happiest."




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Main image credit: @nailsbyzola

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