Would you try this controversial Korean hair styling technique?

A return to practicality in beauty

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / February 22 2022

Korean women have an undeniable part to play in the beauty community. 

For years, Korean beauty trends have reigned supreme, with cutting edge skin care formulas, as well as innovative makeup and cosmetic procedures becoming regular exports of the country.

So naturally, Korean women have been under the cultural influence of the beauty ideals that go hand-in-hand with the polished standards of Korean society. 

Until recently, that is. It seems there is a silent revolt happening against the manicured image synonymous with K-Beauty. 

Korean women have started wearing their hair curlers in public. 


Now this may seem like an odd hair accessory, but the reasoning behind it is in fact quite sound. 

The hair curlers are being used to define the curled fringes that have become so popular throughout Asia. 

"I keep it in my hair so that my bangs stay airy and perfect for a longer time — otherwise, they fall flat immediately, especially in the summer," South Korean University student Song Ji-yun told Insider

"I'm not trying to make a statement wearing hair rollers in public. It's just practical," she went on to say, elaborating that she would typically remove them before meeting up with her boyfriend. 

"I keep them on every day on the bus and subway before going to class,” fellow uni student Park Chae-rin said to the publication.

"Koreans have very busy lives,” she explained. “This is just a way of making the most of my time."

However, the sentiment of practicality doesn’t seem to quite cut it for older generations who compare wearing the hair curling tool in public to leaving the house in your pyjamas.

"We should always look presentable when we're out,” 47-year-old Lee Seul-ki told Insider. It's a mark of respect for other people too." 

"If people are using hair rollers to puff up their hair, that's fine, but why not just do that at home?" she argued. 

Korean women aren’t the only ones letting the world know they're obsessed with hair rollers ATM. It seems the TikTok heated rollers trend just won’t quit.  

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