BLACKPINK's Rosé just debuted 'black-lights' in her blonde hair

Does this mark the start of a new hair trend?

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / December 06 2022

BLACKPINK may be busy touring the world right now, but band member Rosé has still somehow managed to find the time to start a new hair trend. 

The 25-year-old singer recently shared a sneak preview of her Vogue Hong Kong cover shoot, subsequently revealing a headful of black streaks through her platinum blonde hair.

We’ve taken the liberty of coining Rosé’s gothic take on highlights ‘black lights’.

And look, we’re probably jumping the gun, but considering the sheer number of BLACKPINK fans out there, we’re already guessing the K-Pop star is set to start the next big hair trend of 2023.

But of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a celeb try this look. 

Y2K princess Christina Aguilera rocked black-lights in her “Dirty” era, and more recently revisited the aesthetic that defined her ‘Stripped’ album on the record’s 20th anniversary in October 2022. 

Rosé’s more modern take on black-lights is actually a reflection of the current two-tone hair colour trend that’s risen to popularity in South Korea. 

Soonsiki salon has catalysed the trend in Seoul’s Hongdae, catering to a clientele of K-idols, K-drama stars and influencers. Their Instagram is littered with examples of the two-tone hair trend — think: subtle styles like Rosé’s and skunk stripes that verge on the extreme.

Fingers crossed we see this trend cross over to the mainstream, we’d love to see Ariana Grande remix her Blondiana persona with a few rogue streaks of black hair… 

Rosé’s not the only one trying new hair colours, Chloe Morello just revealed her most dramatic hair change yet.

Main image credit: @roses_are_rosie

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