Skunk stripes are the new hair trend set to stank up your feed

Pepé Le Pew, eat your heart out

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / July 28 2022

If you’re anything like us, then you’re likely to have fallen victim to the pervasive money piece trend in the last year or two. 

You could grow it out or chop your e-girl regrowth into a flattering set of chin bangs. But personally, we think you should take advantage of all that pre-lightened hair on your head and try the (conveniently) money piece-adjacent ‘skunk stripe’ hair trend.

Much like its namesake, this trend is characterised by a shocking white stripe of platinum blonde hair, and typically seen on a contrasting background of dark brunette locks.

Celebrities with skunk stripe hair

Dua Lipa donned a bold chunk of blonde that ran either side of her middle-parted top knot and slut strands at the 2020 Grammy Awards. SZA broke the Internet with her gown’s high-slit at the 2021 Billboard Awards, but we were just as intrigued with her skunk striped blow dry. And Kehlani debuted a Farrah Fawcett feathered haircut with a fan of white-blonde hair framing her face at the 2021 Met Gala.




Skunk stripe hair inspiration

But lately we’ve seen people playing with placement, painting the underside of their hair with blonde and colourful-hued stripes alike. Others have opted for a black and white cookie-inspired half and half finish, and some brave souls have even etched skunk stripes into their fringes. 




Black TikTok creators have catalysed the trend, sharing DIY attempts from their bedrooms, trips to the salon for silk press and skunk stripe combo deals, and neon green looks for the days when bleach blonde just isn’t enough.

Scared of the skunk stripe hair trend? Stress less, the arrival of Fenty Hair is on the horizon. 

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