Heated rollers are all anyone can talk about on TikTok

These are the sets worth investing in.

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / June 02 2023

Heated rollers aren’t anything new. 

Our mums used them in the ‘90s to achieve Cindy Crawford-level curls and bounce, and they made a quick resurgence in the early ‘00s. 

But now Gen Z has fallen in love with them and are bull rushing TikTok with documentation of the unexpected love story. 

While a couple of brave volunteers are pulling out their mums' original retro sets for the sake of this trend, many TikTokers have opted for more modern options with 21st century innovations (ceramic-plated rollers anyone?).

The result?

Big, voluminous, soft and shiny-looking curls in just 20 minutes, or alternatively overnight for those using older heated roller models. 

Still don’t believe a set of hot rollers could beat your trusty curling wand? Think again. 

According to a number of TikTok’s beauty trendsetters, you’ll want to chuck your Dyson Airwrap on Facebook Marketplace after trying out heated rollers, which are cheaper and easier to use.

Want to see them in action?

We’ve collated the best of the best heated roller tutorials and reviews to help you in your quest for perfectly coiffed curls:

Ready to give heated rollers a red hot go? We recommend:

Babyliss Pro Cascade 20pc Multi Size Hot Roller Set (Was $189.95, now $162 at Amazon)

Cloud Nine The O Rollers 4 Pack ($40 at Cloud Nine)

Silver Bullet Master Curl Hot Roller Set 20pc Set ($165 at Amazon)

Babyliss Pro Cascade Multi Size Hot Roller Set

Cloud Nine The O Rollers

Silver Bullet Master Curl Hot Roller Set

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