Kristen Stewart just proved that a good pedi should always be seen

Kristen Stewart's pedicure at Cannes

She took off her heels on the Cannes red carpet and is literally all of us

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 17 2018

Kristen Stewart just blessed us with a total boss moment on the Cannes red carpet, proving that it pays to always have your pedicure on point

She attended the premiere of the film BlacKkKlansman (no that’s not a typo!) wearing black sky-high Christian Louboutin heels, but as the rain poured down she made a total statement move on the red carpet and we couldn’t be prouder.

The actress stopped mid-red carpet to remove her shoes so she could seemingly take on the stairs risk-free (because stilettos and slippery steps aren’t friends, Cannes). With a heel in either hand, the CHANEL ambassador ran up the steps barefoot.

K-Stew, we love how you keep it real.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

While we would love to believe that her feet were just sore, the move was actually in protest against the Cannes Film Festival ‘high heels only’ policy. And it also gave her perfect black pedicure some serious time to shine.

Teamed with a red manicure (kudos for perfectly matching your designer shoes, Kristen), her bold statement toenail polish gave off some serious glam/goth beauty vibes – and we can’t get enough of this look. Is it just us or are you itching to break out that black nail polish?! #winterinspo

On the makeup front, Kristen’s beauty look was somewhat pared-back, allowing the smoky burgundy eye makeup to accentuate her eyes. With her cropped hair slicked back in a wet-look hairstyle, Kristen nailed that cool-meets-glamorous look like no other.

So, the next time you’re rocking a pair of heels and have to scoot off, take your cues from Kristen and go barefoot - just make sure you have a damn fine pedicure ready to show off!

If you want to step up your DIY pedicure game, brush up on these expert tips to give yourself a salon-worthy overhaul. 

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