Kylie Jenner's new glam room is basically a boutique

She just gave us a glimpse at what to expect

Digital Beauty Editor / October 01 2020

The list of things we’d like to nab from the lifestyles of the rich and famous (namely, the Kar-Jenner clan) is lengthy – between enviable designer wardrobes, private jets and luxurious Calabasas cribs, there’s a lot of good stuff to choose from.

However, if we’re being completely honest, we’d let the rest go in a heartbeat for access to just one area of those aforementioned mansions – their glam rooms.

And while the entire family has done very well in the glam room décor department, one sister’s space tends to stand out above the rest, and we’ll bet you know which one.

Yep, Kylie Jenner recently bought a new place and her fresh beauty space is shaping up to be better than ever (and that's really saying something considering her last one was downright divine).

“Glam room almost doooone,” she captioned a recent Instagram Story, giving followers an early glimpse into what they can expect.

Of course, one wall was adorned with rows upon rows of her personal magazine cover appearances (relatable, right?), a feature she said she copied from sister Kim Kardashian after spying a similar mag display in her glam room.

The rest of the sneak peek was all about the products she keeps her space stocked with. Lined up perfectly (and outrageously organised) across shelves were options from her Kendall collab, the OG lip kits and her Kylie Skin range – it basically looked like a boutique.

But before you go picturing Jenner spending a lazy Sunday sorting through her makeup in the name of organisation, keep in mind that when you’re a billionaire beauty mogul, DIY’ing is rarely a thing. In fact, she credited Mary Astadourian of organisation service A Detailed Life with getting her displays in order. “My love Mary comes through and makes everything look like a store for me. So organised. This was not me, I cannot take credit for this,” she admitted via the video.

Some may deem it OTT, but we’re 1000 per cent on board – wouldn't we all do exactly the same if we could? We just hope the full reveal comes around fast… we’re expecting a lot.

Main image credit: @kyliejenner

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