Tessa Thompson's hairstylist was commissioned to create inclusive hairstyles for ‘The Sims’

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BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / April 04 2023

Hands up who dedicated a large portion of their childhood (and potentially their adult years too) to playing The Sims. Yep, same. 

Sims 2 will always reign supreme, but we’ve enjoyed the pixelated first-gen gameplay just as much as the upgraded and fourth iteration of the Sims’ ever-expanding universe.

And we expect we’re going to spend approximately half a day downloading the game’s latest expansion pack (fingers crossed our computers can handle it), because the folks over at EA have enlisted the help of one of Hollywood’s most sought after hairstylists — Lacy Redway. 

Redway is responsible for the red carpet and editorial looks of celebrities such as Tessa Thompson, Sadie Sink, and Laura Harrier (FYI, she recently nailed the ‘slob’ haircut trend on Harrier).

EA commissioned Redway to help create five black hairstyles for the Michaelson family in the new The Sims 4 Growing Together expansion pack. 

“Like in most other industries, representation is still lacking. This is why I'm honored The Sims acknowledged my expertise through my lived and professional experience,” she shared via Instagram

“We teamed up to bring more authentic black hairstyles to their gamers,” she went on to say.  “We created 5 new hairstyles for the Growing Together pack you can see here on the Michaelson's.

“New Career Unlocked! She’s a video game consultant!”

“In true Virgo nature, I was very specific with the feedback to the developers,” Redway said of the development process. “I wanted to ensure every swirl around the hairline is laying accurately, braids and parting are true, and coils emulate textured hair.” 

“It’s been exciting learning how the technology works and what’s possible,” she shared. “As you imagine, there are still restrictions which means there is still more work to be done, but I’m very proud of the work.” 

This is just the beginning for Redway who says she is “excited to venture further into the gaming and Ai world and for my work to reach the tens of millions of people who play The Sims 4. I cannot wait to see the new Sims they design with these hairstyles!”

“Next on my agenda is to bring more authentic hairstyling to all hair types, similar to what I do in my beauty work,” she explained.

Technology that promotes inclusive beauty is fast becoming the norm. Pinterest launched a first-of-its-kind hair pattern search tool in 2021 that has since experienced great success in the US.

Main image credit: @lacyredway

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