Lizzo and Ezra Miller celebrate diversity in Urban Decay’s ‘Pretty Different’ campaign

The pair join the brand’s team of global citizens

BeautyCrew Beauty Editor / July 02 2019

We expect more from beauty brands than just a good product these days; we like to know that we’re investing our money in a brand that makes conscious and considered decisions about everything, from the ingredients to the packaging to the models.

Urban Decay is certainly leading the proverbial pack in terms of diversity with their latest brand ambassadors; plus-sized, WOC and award-winning pop star Lizzo and gender-fluid, queer actor Ezra Miller have joined the brand’s team of ‘Global Citizens’ for their upcoming ‘Pretty Different’ campaign.

The campaign highlights a collective of trailblazers who refuse to accept forced standards and instead champion uniqueness.

The brand shared footage of Lizzo and Ezra on their Instagram with captions that describe how the pair relate to the idea of beauty, respectively:

"If you feel the most beautiful when you're naked, everything else is just an option." UD Global Citizen @Lizzobeeating#PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

"I grew up with two older sisters. We would all do our makeup together. I really liked when people would mistake us for three sisters." UD Global Citizen Ezra Miller #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay #EzraMiller

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