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Update your monthly facial with these next-gen skin treatments

marie claire marie claire Beauty Director / August 07 2018

Does your skin need some extra attention? A helping hand that your at-home skin care routine just isn’t able to give it? Upgrade your next facial appointment to one of these professional next-gen skin treatments.


The hydrafacial

Good for: Congested skin and dullness

When skin is feeling congested and sluggish, this deep-cleansing treatment will help clear things up in the time it takes you to have a lunchbreak. Good for all skin types in need of glow, this 30-minute facial blends derm-strength peels with new medical tech. “The HydraFacial treatment merges soothing and invigorating spa therapies with advanced medical technology to achieve instant, lasting results,” says Dr Natasha Cook, dermatologist and founder of Darlinghurst Dermatology. You’ll start with a thorough cleansing and exfoliation using new-tech machinery, followed by an acid peel to remove skin impurities. The third step involves extractions using pore-clearing suction, then a skin-plumping infusion of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

Downtime: None
Cost: $200 per treatment
Where to get it: darlinghurstdermatology.com


Lunchtime laser

Good for: Early ageing prevention

Loved by celebs for keeping their skin plump and pigment-free, mini lasers that don’t require a lot of downtime are your new route to clarity. Clear + Brilliant is one such laser that promises to help fight niggling skin issues. “Suitable for all skin colours and ages, this is a fractionated laser used to address early signs of ageing,” says expert Kony Peev of Solta Medical, the distributor for Clear + Brilliant. “It’s also used to treat more medical concerns such as acne scarring and melasma.” Do expect some discomfort (anaesthetic cream will work to numb your face) and redness post-treatment – and be prepared to encounter some skin roughness for a few days. It’s potentially worth it though; days later, skin looks clearer, brighter, smoother and more radiant.

Downtime: An afternoon
Cost: $200-$300 per session. Three sessions bring best results
Where to get it: clearandbrilliant.com.au


Radio frequency facial

Good for: Tightening up slackness

Akin to a barre class for the face, neck and body, non-invasive radio frequency has can-do abilities when it comes to tightening up any slackness. Popular radio frequency treatment Thermage uses a combination of heat and cooling to help kickstart the body’s renewal process and boost collagen levels. Particularly effective at tightening up eyes that have started to hood or a jaw that has become less defined, this is a low-pain route to firmness. “Thermage is designed to cater specifically for the visible signs of ageing, such as loss of firmness and contour,” says Katherine Millar-Shannon, cosmetic nurse practitioner and founder of Duquessa Clinic in Melbourne. The best news? There is no downtime. “With Thermage, you can put on makeup and go straight back to work,” says Millar- Shannon.

Downtime: None
Cost: $1500–$2000 per session. Three sessions bring best results
Where to get it: thermage.net.au


LED phototherapy

Good for: Dullness, wrinkles, pigmentation and texture

If you want skin results and that feel-good factor in equal measure, LED Phototherapy is your treatment. Enlisting different wavelengths of light (red and near infra-red help with healing and curbing inflammation, while blue light kills pimple-causing bacteria), LED is a great add-on treatment that tackles skin issues such as dullness, pigmentation, spots and fine lines (sans any pain or downtime). “Your skin will look almost unrecognisable afterwards,” says skin expert Vaia Pappas, who uses Dermalux LED at Vaia Beauty, her skin clinic in Sydney. The big plus? The light triggers the same happy hormones that a bright sunny day can. Loved by celebs such as Meghan Markle (the Duchess booked in sessions of Dermalux LED Phototherapy in the lead-up to her royal wedding), LED will deliver both skin radiance and a spring in your step.

Downtime: None
Cost: $60-$100, often as an add-on
Where to get it: dermaluxled.com.au


Skin needling

Good for: Scars, enlarged pores, stretch marks, wrinkles and texture

For tricky skin issues such as enlarged pores, acne scarring and stretch marks, skin needling offers a route to smoothness where once there was none. Particularly suitable if your skin reacts to chemical treatments, this mechanical treatment will help retexturise uneven skin tone by stimulating the skin’s healing process and ramping up collagen production. “This is an advanced, non-surgical treatment that works to improve the overall texture of your skin,” says Natalie Abouchar, registered nurse and founder of Privée Clinic in Sydney. Abouchar uses the Venus Viva machine, which adds radio frequency heat to boost results. “The added heat creates more collagen stimulation,” says Abouchar. Expect only mild discomfort (a numbing cream can be applied for those with a low pain threshold) and mild redness post-procedure.

Downtime: 24 hours with no makeup
Cost: $660 for full face. Three treatments needed, 4–6 weeks apart

Where to get it: privee.com.au


Bells and whistles facial

Good for: Radiant and glowing skin

If you don’t want to forgo your facialist’s bespoke treatment, which can tick off several skin issues in the one appointment, seek one that blends traditional therapies with new tech. The Red-Carpet Laser Facial at All Saints Clinic in Sydney’s Double Bay will fix a host of issues. Offering 90 minutes of skin decadence, this is a multi-stepped treatment geared towards instant complexion radiance. Your skin will be deeply cleansed, before being offered up an old-school (read: heavenly) facial massage. The tech element is up next with a couple of passes of the Laser Genesis (a non-invasive, no-downtime laser) to boost skin clarity and texture, before a nourishing, skin-strengthening peptide mask is applied (yes, you can expect a hand massage), followed by 20 minutes of LED Phototherapy. You’ll walk out feeling red carpet ready (even if you’re just focused on Netflix and chill).

Downtime: None
Cost: $550
Where to get it: allsaintsskinclinic.com.au

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Have you tried any of these skin treatments? What professional treatments do you happily splurge on?

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