How Steph Claire Smith gets her skin back on track after a hectic schedule

Steph Claire Smith Is Obsessed With These Skin Care Treatments

She *loves* these skin treatments

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 28 2020

There’s no getting around the fact that Australian model and fitness entrepreneur Steph Claire Smith is an absolute babe.

Seriously, have you seen the girl?

From those long blonde locks to one of the fittest bods in the biz, she is without a doubt a bonafide Australian beauty. 

And then there’s her skin. We’ve been dying to know how she keeps it looking so glowy despite her insane travel and work schedule.

So when Steph took to Instagram Stories to share some videos from her recent facial at her go-to clinic, Liberty Belle Skin Centre, you betcha we were tuning in.

Steph underwent a series of treatments, so to make sure we had all of the deets, we chatted with Liberty Belle Skin Centre’s co-founder and CEO Andrea Moss, directly.

“Steph has been coming to Liberty Belle Skin Centre for nearly four years so we know her skin well. Yesterday Steph presented with inflamed, red and dry skin around her nose area and she was very worried as that night she had a photo shoot for a global campaign,” says Moss.

“Steph’s career is soaring and that means lots of travel, weather and time zone changes. Steph was overseas recently and her skin got quite congested from all the photo shoots. She didn’t have any cleansers with her so she used soap! The soap completely dried her skin out and with the next day’s photo shoot her skin got even more damaged.”

Eek! We hate to sound like know-it-alls but soap is a big old no-no when it comes to skin care.

So how does Steph get her skin back on track after putting it through the rigours of model life?

“Steph’s favourite treatment is the Dermasweep, but yesterday the dermal clinician also combined Laser Genesis to target the redness. The Dermasweep is a form of microdermabrasion that uses brush tips and a vacuum designed to clean and exfoliate the skin while suctioning away the resulting debris like dead skin cells. Laser Genesis is a gentle laser that not only targets redness but can also improve the appearance of pores. It’s suitable for all skin types, is pain-free and has no downtime,” explains Moss.

“Steph finished yesterday’s treatment with a session under the Healite II – which is LED light therapy. The therapeutic use of light-emitting diodes enhances the skin’s natural cellular recovery and also improves the healing quality. Steph always falls asleep under the Healite!”

“All of the above was done in less than one hour and after the treatment the dermal clinician applied some calming and hydrating products from the Liberty Belle Rx range: Glam Squad® (a hydrating serum with skin-loving niacinamide and pathenol) and Power Broker® (a gentle hyaluronic acid-enriched cream with a calming anti-red complex).

Steph was given these products and also Heartfelt (a gentle cream cleanser)….and told ‘no more soap!’” says Moss.

And wow, we think the results speak for themselves. Steph exited the salon with an incredibly fresh complexion, saying, “my skin is literally already feeling and looking a whole lot better”.  

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Have you tried any of Steph Claire Smith’s favourite skin treatments before? Let us know what you thought in the comments.

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