Lauren Conrad just shared her spooky Halloween look

Lauren Conrad's Halloween look

It’s the easiest DIY costume, ever

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 22 2018

If there’s one celeb who’s always on top of their Halloween game, it’s our friend Lauren Conrad. The girl knows how to rock a creepy look like no other (Exhibit A: her Cruella de Vil look from last year). The best part is, she loves a super simple DIY job, which is fitting for those who leave everything to the last minute (read: us).

And this year’s costume is no exception. She took to Instagram to reveal the whole look, and we were NOT disappointed.

Say hello to Melanie Daniels from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds:

In her blog post, Lauren said “I’ve designed many different Halloween costumes over the years, but they have mostly all had varying amounts of tulle and glitter in common. This year I wanted to depart from the cutesy costumes of Halloweens past and step into something a little more… spooky.”

Truthfully, there would be few things spookier than a whole heap of black crows attacking your head/messing with your hair game. If you’ve ever been swooped by a magpie, you know the feels. 

“Inspired by the classic horror flick, I channelled my inner Hitchcock character and created my best Melanie Daniels from The Birds. As seen on the movie poster, my costume depicts the famous bird attack that leaves Ms. Daniels terrified and full of bird scratches,” wrote Lauren.

So, how do we copy this whole shebang? Well, luckily Lauren was kind enough to dish out *exactly* how she created the look.

First up, that hair! It’s the key part of this whole look so you’re going to want to make it as crazy as possible. Lauren says she started by spritzing on a bit of dry shampoo and throwing it all up in a messy bun. “My hair needed to look like a bird’s nest (pun intended) so I added a spritz of dry shampoo and piled it on top of my head in a sort of messy bun,” she wrote.

To amp up the volume as much as possible, Lauren says to leave your shorter, face-framing layers out before curling them and pinning them back. “I then left a few pieces out to get the disheveled look just right. The final step was pinning two more fake birds near my forehead and toward the back of my bun.”

On the makeup front, you’ll only need two products – a light powder and a red lip liner. “For my makeup, I kept the look simple and spooky by powdering my face a couple shades lighter as well as adding bird scratch marks with red lip liner. I added scratch marks to my face, neck, arms, and even my legs. Because lets face it, you can pull out all the drama on Halloween.”

As for the outfit, it couldn’t be easier, “I pinned a fake bird to the front of my jacket and slipped on black pumps. Simple enough!”

Got it down pat? Now all you need is a super cute baby!

“I even bribed a little birdie to stand in as my sidekick,” wrote Lauren.

Um, we would love to be attacked by THAT blackbird! 

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What do you think of Lauren’s Halloween costume? Would you try it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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