The next big cosmetic injectables trend, according to Korea

Lift Edge Filler Is The Latest Cosmetic Injectables Trend In Korea - Kylie Jenner

Got 'resting bitch face'? Try this

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / July 16 2019

Getting dermal fillers to fix wrinkles is nothing new. But to cure ‘resting bitch face’? Well, we didn’t see that one coming.

No surprise, the trend to turn your frown upside down started in Korea (home to many of the world's most innovative beauty trends).

Referred to as ‘lift edge filler’, this cosmetic treatment focuses on plumping the outer corners of the mouth so it appears less droopy and looks more like you have a soft, natural smile all the time. 

Using hyaluronic acid fillers - the same type of fillers that are commonly injected into lips to give them a fuller look - the injectables are placed at an upward angle at the outer corners of your lips.

The results are said to last about six months.

As far as cosmetic injectable trends go, we have to say this one sounds like an option that will appeal to the masses.

Who wouldn’t be happy with looking, well, happy all the time?

Want to know how to plump your lips without injectables? These products give instant results - and they’re much more affordable than fillers.

Do you like the sound of lift edge fillers? Would you consider giving this cosmetic treatment a go? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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