Searches for this hair trend have increased by 1,077% this year

Time to call your colourist

Marie Claire Marie Claire Editorial & Digital Intern / July 15 2019

When it comes to our hair colourdrastic change is something we’re naturally reluctant to embrace. For the majority, strategically placed sun-kissed strands or balayage highlights are the traditional go-to’s for sprucing up ones look, but very rarely will you find a woman keen to dye her natural brown or blonde tresses in favour of rainbow pastels and hues of lilac. 

However, if you’ve been one to jump onboard with the purple pastel craze, apparently, you’re not alone. A recent Pinterest report has confirmed what we’ve all known to be true for the past year –pastel hair isn’t going anywhere. Searches for the term “lilac hair” increased by over 1,000 percent from last year, making it one of the biggest hair trends to surface in 2019.

While achieving gorgeous lilac tresses isn’t always as easy as it looks on Instagram, a new product with almost 4,000 near-perfect reviews is flying off Amazon’s virtual shelves and has been praised for its pigmented colour and non-stripping properties. The Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye by the label Girls Night is a semi-permanent dye that promises to produce “vivid and long-lasting results”. The best part? It's only $19.

Apply the die to freshly shampooed and dried hair, ensuring that each strand is coated completely, and leave in for 40 minutes to absorb before rinsing with cool water. It goes without saying that the dye will have a more vibrant colour payoff on bleached or blonde hair. If you have darker hair, we recommended pre-lightening your tresses prior to colouring otherwise you'll be left with a deep purple hue rather than a light pastel lilac shade. 

“I love this product so much,” writes one reviewer. “As someone who has been dying my hair every color imaginable for over a decade, this is by far one of the best brands I've tried. It smells really good, but it is also conditioning which my super dry hair really needs. I definitely still recommend deep conditioning before and after dying your hair but like I said my hair is extra dry so it may not be as necessary for everyone.”

“I bought the color Girls Night which came out beautifully,” they continue. “Compared to other products I've used such as Splat and Sparks, this product did not stain the tub, my hands, or my towel. In fact, there was very little rinse out so I felt like my hair really absorbed the color. I have chin length curly hair and ended up using about half of the bottle. Best part is you can keep the leftovers for another application or to add to your conditioner to refresh your color. Overall, I'm very satisfied and will be trying the color Transylvania next.”

Keen to take the plunge yourself? You can get your hands on the dye for just $19 on

Lilac not your colour? Khloe Kardashian went pink using this $15 product.

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