Lili Reinhart showed off her natural curls on Instagram and she looks amazing

Lili Reinhart Showed Off Her Natural Curls on Instagram — And She Looks Amazing

Betty Cooper, is that you?

InStyle Marie Claire Editorial & Digital Intern / August 13 2019

Whether she’s stirring up a storm as Betty Cooper or making a statement on the red carpet, Lili Reinhart's hair ever rarely deviates from her signature sleek, slicked-back ponytail or her perfectly blown-out, beachy waves. But much to our surprise, the Riverdale actress’ hair is curly - and we mean really curly.

Earlier this week, Lili proudly posted a stunning snap to her Instagram story showing off her bouncy ringlets and made sure to let her follows know it was au naturel. "Literally no curling iron used," she captioned her story. "This is my natural curl, finessed to perfection by @brycescarlett."

Lili has said in the past that she isn’t a fan of her voluminous curls tweeting back May last year: "My hair never looks good when I try to curl it. I end up looking like the prissy mean girl on a Disney channel show." There's no way she still feels this way after having her hair teased to the gods in an '80s-influenced style” and honestly, we couldn't disagree more. 

While we were under the impression that Lili’s tresses were naturally straight, she joins the ranks of other celebrities embracing their authentic hair. Stars such as Ariana Grande and Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland recently opted to ditch their long, pin-straight extensions in favour of their natural curls. 

So, does this mean we’re going to see Betty rocking curly hair next season? We sure hope so.

Did you know that Swedish model Elsa Hosk also has gorgeous natural curls? Check out how she looks after them here.

Do you have naturally curly hair too? What are your curly-hair tips? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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