Exactly how to master the sky-high ponytail

Kim Kardashian's high ponytail

The genius tricks for getting maximum height

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / November 15 2018

In case you haven’t noticed, pretty much every single celebrity has been getting around wearing a sky-high ponytail as of late. From the red carpet and glitzy events to TV appearances, those Ariana-esque hairstyles are literally *everywhere* right now (just see here, here and here).

And for good reason – sleek sky-high strands look UNREAL (just take a scroll through Kim Kardashian’s Insta for proof), and you’d totally be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t want to copy it. Also called ‘snatched’ ponytails, they’re chic, stylish and pretty much any hair type can pull them off. 

So how does one achieve such a high, voluminous ponytail without it falling out, like, two seconds later? With these genius tricks.

In a recent tutorial for Elle US, the absolute king of the snatched ponytail (and all celebrity hairstyles in general), Chris Appleton dished out his top tips on how to get *that* height without having it drop.


Use a bungee hair tie

If you’re one of those gals who strays away from the ponytail game because it’s uncomfortable or you’re worried about breakage, Appleton has a solution. He uses bungee hooks to tie the hair up (try evo Mister Fantastic Bungee Hair Bungee) and says these are WAY easier to reposition when you feel like a) you’re literally pulling on a nerve, b) a random bump in your hair decides to show up to the party, or c) your entire head of hair feels like it’s going to snap off.

Never heard of bungee hair ties? You can’t wear them on your wrist, but they’re pretty nifty and will seriously save the health of your hair when you’re attempting a style like this. Bungee ties have a hook on either end, but contrary to what you might think, they’re not actually supposed to be hooked together. Brush your hair into a ponytail and hook one clasp underneath the hair (as close to your scalp as possible) and begin to wrap the band around, before hooking the second clasp onto your hair (preferably under the pony, so it’s not visible).


Use another elastic to add extra height

In terms of nabbing that *extra* height, it all comes down to one easy little trick: placing a strategic second elastic above the original hair tie. Appleton says, “It’s quite a difference, it’s like night and day.”


So basically, once you’ve tied your hair in a high ponytail (with a bungee hook), take another elastic (just a normal one will do) and tie it a few centimetres down the ponytail from where you tied your first elastic. This will instantly create more height.



Wrap your hair around both elastics

To then hide both elastics, Appleton takes a small section of hair from the ponytail length and wraps it around the hair ties to give the whole look a sleeker, more professional finish.


Tame fly-aways with a toothbrush and hairspray

Appleton also uses a toothbrush (yes, a toothbrush!) to banish those pesky fly-aways. He sprays some hairspray (we recommend Mr. Smith Hairspray) onto the bristles and gently brushes from the hairline to the start of the ponytail for a super sleek look.

HOT TIP: Work your angles! Appleton says to “always follow the cheekbones” when determining where the ponytail should sit on your head as it gives your whole face a lifted look.

You can check Chris Appleton’s full tutorial here:

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