‘Lipstick nails’ are 2019’s quirkiest new nail trend

Lipstick Nails Are 2019’s Newest Nail Shape Trend

The shape is odd, yet so pretty

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 02 2019

When it comes to your nail shape, there are so many choices that the options can be dizzying. You’ve got your standard classics like round, square, oval and squoval; then there’s the newer nail shapes like coffin and its extra-pointy sister, the stiletto.

And you can now add ‘lipstick nails’ to that list, because it’s taking over our Instagram feeds and we have a feeling this nail trend is set to take off in a big way.

It’s quirky, it’s cute and we’re defs on board. Plus, it seems that not only is this new manicure shape aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it may be a little more practical than your standard super long nails…

"I've recently been loving the look of long nails, but they've never felt comfortable to me. Since I've tried the lipstick shape, I can't stop wearing it because it has a unique look that I like, but also because it's surprisingly comfortable - like a short nail and long nail in one," the trend’s creator Park Eunkyung of Unistella Nails told Refinery 29.  

If this nail trend is a little too extreme for you, you might be more into 2019’s ‘naked manicure’ movement.

Would you try the lipstick nail trend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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