The solution to a long-lasting manicure, sans UV lights

Advertorial: Say goodbye to chipped nail polish with Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / May 25 2017

There used to be a time when a girl had to reapply her nail polish every couple of days to keep up with the never-ending chips ruining her mani. Nowadays, you can not only stretch out your mani for twice as long (or more) than a traditional coat of polish, but you can also give yourself a flawless manicure at home, without the need to book in at your local nail salon.

Sally Hansen Miracle GelTM is a no-light gel nail polish that will give you up to 14 days of long-lasting colour and shine, in two simple steps. It delivers a high shine, glossy finish that looks salon-quality, without the price tag and hassle.

Don’t worry, there’s no fancy technique for applying these gel nail polishes – the only difference to your regular polish manicure is that you can skip the base coat, because thanks to the hard-wearing formula you no longer need one to prep the nails.

To apply, start with clean nails and apply two thin coats of Miracle GelTM Colour, allowing each layer to completely dry before adding the next coat. Then, to activate the curing process (without the need for a UV or LED lamp) just sweep on a coat of Miracle GelTM Top Coat and let your nails airdry – natural light will do the hard work for you.


TOP TIP: To find the best nail colour for your skin tone, Sally Hansen’s ManiMatch app lets you virtually try on any of their shades so you can try before you buy!

Opting for a gel mani used to mean a limited number of colour choices, but that’s also a thing of the past. Miracle GelTM comes in over 30 shades – our top picks for spring/summer are Mauve Olous, think of it as the new nude; Pink Up, which will pop against your tan; and Prince Charmint for something fun and summery on our toes!

If you’re a nail art fan, these gels won’t put a damper on your creativity. You can design just as many masterpieces using these gels as you would any other nail polish. We especially love pairing Regal Rose with Mauve Olous tips from the new colour collection for a modern twist on a French manicure. 

(Left to right): Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Mauve Olous, Pink Up, Prince Charmint, Top Coat

(Left to right): Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Mauve Olous, Pink Up, Prince Charmint, Top Coat

And when it comes to removing your Miracle GelTM manicure, it couldn’t be easier. Simply use an acetone-based or acetone-free nail polish remover, like you normally would. No need to soak, wrap, scrape or file your nails, which is amazing news for the health of your poor nails who have suffered enough over the years.

TOP TIP: To avoid longer drying times with your nail art layers, make sure to paint thin coats.

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