So, Lorde just wore her own hair as a scarf

Neck chills CAN be brutal

Digital Beauty Editor / November 23 2021

‘Scarf’ is a word that’s been on our lips a lot more than usual lately – we’ll chalk that up to our generation’s (warranted) obsession with Taylor Swift’s 10 minute version of "All Too Well". Don’t you dare say it’s overrated – we’ll break you like a promise.

Swift isn’t the only one focused on neckwear right now, either – her bestie Lorde also seems quite enamoured by it. However, instead of singing about a missing scarf, the "Solar Power" singer has actually taken it upon herself to fashion a new one, out of nothing other than her very own hair. Resourceful, right?

Think said style sounds strange? Well, it is a little. But hey, if you can’t take a risk on the red carpet (at a Guggenheim gala for crying out loud) then where can you? But while we won’t try too hard to unpack the ‘why’ (she’s an artist; they push boundaries, okay?), we were treated to a few tidbits regarding the ‘how’.

An Instagram carousel of snaps shared by the star’s hair stylist Cameron Rains revealed the way the ‘scarf’, or ‘the vision’ as he called it came to life. So if for some reason you’re feeling inclined to create one of your own, we have some intel…




You’ll want to begin by smoothing out your texture if you want to replicate Lorde’s long, silky locks. We recommend starting with a blow-dry brush like the VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler - VSP500A ($99 at Myer) for a finish that’s smooth but not ‘straight’ exactly. Next, part your hair in the centre and pull both sections forward so they’re sitting in front of your shoulders on their respective sides.

Cross the two sections over in front (hello, scarf), then wrap them back around to meet again at the nape of your neck. Secure them together with a mini elastic like the Scunci Polybands ($5.99 at Priceline), leave the excess hair hanging and voila, you’ve mastered the year’s most, um, interesting hair trend.

VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler - VSP500A

Scunci Hair Accessories Polybands 300pc

Hey, maybe 'Abraham Lincoln chic' will be the aesthetic that sweeps the globe. And at the very least, Lorde's style suggestion serves as a crafty solution when you realise you've botched your face to neck foundation blend...

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