Madelyn Cline shares every step for achieving her iconic ‘siren eyes’

Creativity = covetable cat eyes

Editor / March 15 2023

If there were a game of guessing celebrities by just their eyes (and if you’ve ever scrolled Facebook/Instagram/the Internet in general, you’ve no doubt seen one), Madelyn Cline would be the one pair of peepers we’d never miss.

Her lips may draw a majority share of the attention, but nobody has more recognisable (or stunning) eyes than her. But did you know they were actually a feature she felt self-conscious about growing up?

“I used to hate my eyes – people called me ‘bug eyes’,” Cline shared in a Vogue video, admitting that she had to learn to love them. “Now I really, really appreciate them. After growing into them, I really love the shape.” She gave a little genetic-centric credit where due, too: “Thanks, Grandpa,” she joked.

It's safe to say the world loves their shape, too – the ‘siren eyes’ trend is the biggest thing in beauty right now, and Cline’s coquettish cat eye looks are a major reason why. So if you're keen to emulate the same vibe, here are Cline's top 'siren eye' tips...

How Madelyn Cline does her eyeliner

Step 1: Tightlining

The first step? Tightlining. “[For] waterline eyeliner, I use the Urban Decay 24/7 [Glide-On Eye Pencil in ‘Zero’] ($38 at MECCA). It just makes my lashes look longer and fuller and darker even before we go in with mascara,” Cline explained, lifting her lid and tracing her inner upper waterline.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in ‘Zero’

Step 2: Liquid liner

The main player (liquid liner) is up next. “This is the Benefit [Cosmetics] They’re Real! [Xtreme] Precision Eyeliner ($42 at Sephora)” Cline shared, confirming this ultra-fine waterproof eyeliner pen as her favourite formula.

As for application, she likes to wing out from her lower lash line. “I saw this thing where you follow the line of your bottom [lash line],” she noted while putting the trick into action. This felt-tip's got an impressive glide factor, FYI, so your chances at success are high. Cline was definitely chuffed with her efforts in the end: “We did it – very happy about it!”, she laughed.

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Xtreme Precision Eyeliner

Step 3: Blush as eyeshadow

Cline’s next move is a bit out of the box. She actually applies blush – the Benefit Cosmetics Shellie Warm Seashell Pink Blush ($54 at Sephora) to be precise – over the top of her liner as eyeshadow. But this isn’t precision shadow application we’re talking about – the Outer Banks star simply dusts the blush onto a big fluffy brush as if taking it onto cheeks as usual, but instead swipes over her eye area, all the way up to her brow.

It sounds a bit random, sure, but it’s actually a perfect way to warm up the eye area and smoke out the liner ever so slightly. On top of that, it'll also nix any oiliness left on the lid, helping to lock your liner look in for longer. It’s certainly a trick we’ll be trying!

Benefit Cosmetics Shellie Warm Seashell Pink Blush

Step 4: Mascara

Last but certainly not least if you have love for lashes, is mascara. “[For] mascara, I really like the Armani,” Cline shared, wiggling the wand of the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara ($63 at Myer) through her upper and lower lashes.

“This is where that liner underneath on the [upper] waterline [helps]. You can really tell what a difference that makes," she explained, confirming that a strong start is the secret to a solid siren eye result.

And there you have it: definition to die for!

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara

Main image credit: @mimicuttrell

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