TikTokers are using hot glue as eyeliner for 3D makeup looks

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BEAUTYcrew Beauty & Social Editor / April 19 2023

If you’re tired of the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic and looking for ways to level up your look, we feel you. And while you can certainly add a frosted eyeshadow or pop of colour to your everyday makeup routine, sometimes more really is more when it comes to makeup.

Enter: 3D graphic liner. And TikTokers have discovered exactly how to create intricate shapes and face decals using a hot glue gun and some chrome powder. Yep, it’s some next-level craft corner sh*t.

@cutcreaser yall kept saying renaissance tour inspo on the last look so i had to go and do it again 🪲🌟 #makeup #fypシ #chromemakeup #xybca #eyeliner #fyp ♬ PURE/HONEY - Beyoncé

The hot glue 3D eyeliner trend

The trend was popularised by TikTok beauty guru Vanessa Funes AKA @cutcreaser (if you don’t follow her, what are you doing?), but it is by no means a new technique. Hot glue makeup has been around for years and is commonly used for DIY special effects makeup. 

Think of the trend as makeup’s take on Y2K nostalgia, mimicking those puffy 3D stickers we were all obsessed with in school. It’s also a perfect example of bringing digital makeup to life. Funes actually credited 3D makeup creator @ines.alpha’s digital art for Charli XCX as one of the inspirations behind her viral look.

How to create your own hot glue eyeliner

To create your own hot glue graphic liner, you’ll need a hot glue gun, a small metal tray (or mirror), lash glue, and some chrome powder or shimmery eyeshadow in your preferred colour. Use the hot glue gun to create lines (or shapes) on the tray, and allow it to dry.

Funes recommends creating your desired design “in one pull for a smooth finish”, using a light hand and moving it “wherever you want the eyeliner to go”. A quick word of warning – hot glue can be tricky to work with so it may take a while to master the art of 3D graphic liner.

From there, all you need to do is add some colour with your chrome powder or glitter eyeshadow and use the lash glue to apply the decal. Check out her full hot glue eyeliner tutorial for all the tips and tricks you need to know.

The best part? It’s completely up to you how you style your hot glue decals. Sure, they make great graphic liner stickers. But you can stick them pretty much anywhere on your face to add a chic Y2K-inspired element to your look. 

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Main image credit: @cutcreaser

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