'Outer Banks' star Madison Bailey shares why she'll never get a nose job

“That’s very honest”

Editor / March 06 2023

We don’t know what’s more blinding when watching Outer Banks: the constant presence of glimmering gold bars or Madison Bailey’s beauty. Okay, fine it’s Bailey’s beauty! Her skin glows brighter than the real stuff anyway (shoutout to Fenty Beauty on that one).

But even being a modern-day beauty icon doesn’t mean you feel completely confident all day, every day. In fact, when appearing alongside co-star Madelyn Cline in a Truth or Drink segment for Cut, Bailey opened up about a physical feature she’s felt self-conscious about in the past.

When quizzed by Cline on whether she had any insecurities, Bailey got refreshingly real: “Yeah, I guess I would say my nose. That’s very honest.” Cline was shocked. “Really?,” she asked, her mouth falling open.

“But I keep it just to show the kids it’s real,” Bailey clarified, smiling. “Like J. Cole said,” she added, in a nod to the lyrics of J. Cole’s track “Crooked Smile”: “I keep my twisted grill, just to show them kids it's real”.

Insecurities are of course a highly personal thing (and compliments aren’t always the answer to eliminating them), but Bailey’s fans were quick to flood her mentions with support.

“I cant believe Madison is insecure about her nose, her face is perfect to me it's wild when [you] remember everyone has insecurities that can seem so strange to someone looking in from the outside </3,” one commenter shared.

It's worth noting, though, that fans haven’t only entered the chat following Bailey’s comments. Hot off the show’s 2020 release, Twitter users even singled out Bailey’s nose as a specifically beautiful feature.

“When I watched [season] 1 I absolutely thought her side profile was gorgeous & it was [because] of her nose I swear,” another fan shared.

One comment perfectly summed up our thoughts: “I always thought her nose was stunning and the ‘but I keep it just to show the kids it's real’ is so cute.”

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