Meet the luxurious exfoliating lotion Madelyn Cline says is "worth the splurge"

Here's to going full Kook

Digital Beauty Editor / August 12 2021

Yes, her lips have been getting quite a bit of attention lately (and they definitely deserve it), but Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline's pout is by no means her only amazing feature: have you seen her skin?

Even smattered with grime during the show's latest season, her luminosity was still impressively prevalent; that's some serious glow. So what's her secret?!

In a recent Seventeen video, Cline revealed that in addition to sunscreen (points for that), she also has one certain product she calls her 'skin care go-to'. "Recently I have discovered this brand called Biologique Recherche; there is a Lotion P50 (POA at specific skin clinics per state or $486 at Ninth Avenue) that is like an exfoliating toner, and it's worth the splurge, [one] thousand per cent."

It's not the first time she's sung its praises, either – in a previous chat with Glamour she credited the product as being the thing that "absolutely changed the game for the acne that's been popping up from masks." Quite the endorsement.

Biologique Recherche

While Cline's word is (fittingly) worth four million in gold, we figure you may have some questions as to why this luxe lotion is so amazing.

Hailed as as "facial in a bottle" and beloved by celebs, experts and the 
BEAUTYcrew team alike, it's a cult-status chemical exfoliant that harnesses the power of alpha, beta and poly hydroxy acids to refine, smooth and brighten all skin types.

Yes, the price tag is steep (here's to going full Kook, huh?), but the formula is indeed worth the cash splash. An incredibly effective multitasker, it helps to do everything from preventing breakouts (through balancing the skin's pH levels and inhibiting bacterial growth) to resurfacing rough texture and dialling up luminosity levels.

Cline considers herself to be quite the complexion care obsessive, too, so it's no surprise she's hunted down one of the industry's most renowned products.

In fact, in the same Seventeen interview, she shared that if she weren't an actor she would actually love to work in the skin care space: "I think I would potentially be an esthetician," the actress shared of her hypothetical alternative route. "I'm obsessed with skin and skin care products."

"The amount of money that I have invested into skin care... I probably should have used it for groceries or gas," she joked. "It's an actual addiction." Same, girl, same.

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