MAFS Elizabeth Sobinoff has undergone yet another makeover

MAFS Elizabeth Sobinoff Has ANOTHER New Hairdo

And you’ll want to see it for yourself

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / April 02 2019

Just when we thought it wouldn’t be possible for Married At First Sight’s Elizabeth Sobinoff to change up her look again, the gal has undergone yet another beauty transformation and has taken to Instagram to share her new long, dark hair.

The formerly blonde MAFS star has been on quite a makeover journey since leaving the show in February. You literally need to check her Insta-feed daily if you want to keep tabs on her ever-changing look.

The girl’s had more hair colours this year than we’ve had in five and we are fascinated.

At the end of February, the reality TV star took us by surprise and traded her signature long blonde hair extensions for a brunette shade with honey-coloured highlights. Her hair looked healthier and more voluminous, too.

Barely two weeks later, she chopped her length off and showed off an elegant blunt-cut brunette lob. Not gonna lie, we were into this one:

And now, she’s back to her long hair, this time showing off a black hair colour. As Elizabeth’s latest hairstyle is obviously much longer than her lob, we can only assume she’s back on the hair extensions bandwagon. 

Elizabeth has previously opened up about her lupus-like autoimmune disease, telling 9Honey that the reason she wore hair extensions was because the hair pieces acted “like a hat” that protected a photosensitive rash on her scalp and ears.

"The main rash occurs at the nape," Elizabeth explained. "I actually lost a whole bunch of hair at the nape, and when I was 23, I lost the front of my hairline as well.”

Hmm, could this be the reason behind the return to hair extensions?

Who knows!

We’ll just be over here sitting tight and waiting for her next look to drop. Any guesses as to what it might be? We’re going to guess a red hair makeover might be next. A) Because she hasn’t been a redhead yet, and b) because it’s the hottest hair colour of 2019.

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What’s been your favourite look from MAFS Elizabeth Sobinoff so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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