What you need to know before and after going blonde

Expert Tips On Colouring Your Hair Blonde - Emily Blunt

An expert talks us through the process of lightening up your locks

New Idea Beauty Editor WHO and New Idea / February 21 2018

Do you have blonde on the brain? If you’re considering a major hair makeover and want to take the plunge from dark to light, you’ve come to the right place. Because making such a drastic change in your hair colour isn’t as easy as buying a bottled blonde, crossing your fingers and going for it. We’ve enlisted hair expert Anthony Nader from RAW Salon to help those with blonde ambitions.

Before you colour your hair…

How to start
“When pre-lightening hair it’s always in your best interest to go less over more,” says Nader. He claims that you need to make it a gradual process rather than a quick one to avoid hair from becoming overly dry and damaged.

Get expert advice
“Listen to your hair colourist with how far they can push your colour. If it’s going to take two to three goes to get the target shade, then sit back and embrace the process. When you get to that really light stage, your hair is going to be healthy and the colour will last the distance.”  

Be patient
“If you want to take the platinum blonde route, it’s not about using bleach straight away. Always take steps, for example you can combine bleached highlights with high-lift highlights. So in that way, it’s not one process of bleach.”

Do you have a celebrity blonde crush? It might not be the right hue for you - "A thorough consultation with your colourist will work out which shade of blonde will best suit your complexion," says celebrity hairstylist Anthony Nader from RAW Salon.

After you’ve become a blonde…

Keep it cool
“Don’t overdo it withyour hot appliances. These can zap the moisture out of your hair. Look for appliances that are ionic, ceramic, or say heat-protected. These requirements are excellent for keeping your hair maintained throughout the summer months.”

Nourish hair
“Always ensure you give your hair conditioning treatments and masks. When you go on the lighter side you need to make sure that your hair stays hydrated. That’s going to keep your blonde looking in tip-top condition.”  

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Have you been toying with the idea of going blonde? Or have you made the dramatic change already? Share your thoughts, tips and experiences with us below!

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