Ines Basic responds to *those* rumours

MAFS Ines Basic Responds To Lip Filler Rumours

The MAFS star has revealed whether or not she has had lip injections

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / April 28 2019

Since the 2019 season of Married At First Sight kicked off and Ines Basic tumbled into life in the public eye, fans have wondered whether her ultra-plump pout is the result of a little cosmetic intervention, or just really good genetics.

And now, the MAFS reality TV star has spilt the beans in her Instagram Stories after inviting fans to ask her questions about herself.

A fan asked, “do you have lip injections”, to which Ines replied:

“I do! I have been seeing the girls @injexclinics for many years now! I only get 0.5mL. I have tried 1mL on mulitple occasions though.”

We must say, good on her for being so honest about her lip fillers.

We love it when celebs are upfront about what they’ve done to enhance their appearance. Remember how long it took for Kylie Jenner to come clean about her use of lip fillers after denying it for YEARS?

If you’re thinking about trying fillers for yourself, check out our article on everything you need to know first.

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