Maintain a beard

Whip his beard into shape with these must-do tips and tricks

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / June 10 2016

Sure, visiting a barber can instantly vamp up an ordinary beard, but its dedication and maintenance that keep it looking good in the long run. If the latest slew of beauty buys are anything to go by, growing a beard truly is an art form. Follow this guide to become an ace at beard grooming.



This first step might seem obvious, but youd be surprised at the number of men that forget this step. The hair on your face can get just as greasy as the hair on your head, not to mention all the food scraps that can get caught in there. Now forget special shampoos for this area as an ordinary cleanser will do the trick. Look for a gel formula that will lather up and effectively remove dirt and oil from the beard, without drying the skin out. Try Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel for a deep cleanse thats soap and paraben free.



Just like your hair, beards need to be brushed to keep them looking kempt. Keep beards tangle free with a fine-tooth comb, and gently brush from the root downwards, straight after a shower.



Keep it looking neat with a trim once a week - a multi-tasking tool like Philips Multigroom Series 7000 is great for a customised finish. This tool features a detail foil shaver (just one of its many bells and whistles), which allows for a clean finish in areas that you need to keep hair-free.



A beard oil is key to a sleek, groomed beard as it keeps your skin and hair looking schmick. Jack Black Beard Oil is best for this occasion; it contains a special blend of Kalahari melon oil, carrot extract and vitamin E to nourish the area. Best of all, its scentless, meaning it wont muddle with the cologne of your choice.

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