The importance of a man-icure

Because guys need to tend to their hands, too

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 02 2016

They say you can tell a lot from a man’s hands. Thick palms could indicate lots of heavy lifting, callused fingers show that he’s dedicated to the gym (hello, dumbbells), and short nails generally mean that he’s firmly glued to his computer, tapping away at the keyboards at work.

“Grooming is paramount for men, both personally and professionally,” says Monika Carvalho, founder of The Nail Lab. “It’s all about first impressions. The ritualistic handshake isn’t going anywhere, and men’s hands and nails should be clean and tidy always.”

The trend of taking your partner along or even booking an appointment for him at your local nail bar is becoming fast apparent. Many salons offer services just for him - they’ll start with a clip, nail shape, cuticle maintenance, followed by a hand massage, and some even go to the extent of applying a strengthening top coat that dries to a matte finish, for an undetectable finish of course.

But if your partner feels squeamish at the thought of visiting a nail salon, then start off with a DIY mani at home.


Clip nails shorter with Revlon’s Gold Series Dual-Ended Nail Clipper (the curved side works best), and use the straight side to trim calluses on palms.


Soak nails in a bowl of warm water for three minutes, then pat-dry hands with a towel.


Push back cuticles gently with a cuticle stick, then tidy up cuticles with a teensy pair of scissors designed to nip any loose skin without tugging. Sally Hansen’s Cuticle Tamer is perfect for this.


Create a shiny surface by buffing the nail with a buffing block like Manicare 4 Way Buffer. The most effective way to do so is by sweeping across any ridges you can see.


Finish with a nourishing product like Revitanail Keratin Strength Serum. Made with water-based fast-drying ingredients, this serum will restore and protect weak nails - especially vital for biters. To use, pump once onto fingertips, then massage it into the fingernail.

Iantha is BEAUTYcrew's Beauty Editor, and has been part of the team since the site launched in 2016. Besides pinky-nude nail polish and wispy false lashes, she has a healthy obsession with face masks and skin care ingredients. Her previous work can be found in Virgin Australia Voyeur, Women's Health, and SHOP Til You Drop.