The $10 nappy rash cream Margot Robbie uses as lip balm

Antiseptic never sounded so chic

Digital Beauty Editor / July 05 2021

We knew Margot Robbie was a down to earth queen in general the minute she shocked Jimmy Kimmel Live with news of her ‘snake stick’. Big Aussie energy.

But considering her role as the face of Chanel beauty, we weren’t sure if said status would extend to her beauty collection.

But hey, just because she happens to have an extensive Chanel lippy collection at her disposal (we wouldn't say no to an endless supply of those either), that doesn’t mean that all of her pout-related products are on the expensive side.

Quite the opposite, in fact; Robbie just revealed that she's actually a giant fan of a certain bargain-level antiseptic cream, sharing via a British Vogue video that she keeps it in her bag (a Chanel backpack if you were wondering) at all times.

YouTube/@British Vogue

"This is Bepanthen," she explains in the clip. "It's like an antiseptic cream technically for babies' nappies and stuff, but I use it as lip balm, and it's really good."

Did we mention an entire 100g tube is just $10.49? Okay good, we just really wanted to drive that 'cheap as chips' part home.

She doesn't carry it in the tube, though – nope, instead Robbie transfers a bag-friendly amount into a little pot for on-the-go use. Genius really, considering it looks more like a classic lip balm that way and is way less likely to make a mess, either in your bag or during application. She's frugal and smart, guys.

Bepanthen Antiseptic Cream

Wondering what makes it such a must-have? Well, like Robbie mentioned, it's actually designed to heal and soothe everything from sunburn to scars and stings, so it's safe to say it can handle a set of dry smackers with no problem. It's calming, hydrating and will leave lips with a subtle sheen; sounds like a worthy balm to us.

And hey, it never hurts to know that if you meet a green ant or nappy rash-plagued child on your travels that you're prepared – multipurpose beauty buys are the very best kind. After all, if it's good enough for Robbie, it's good enough for us.

Main image credit: Getty Images

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