Mario Dedivanovic's surprisingly minimal concealer trick

Who knew even Kim Kardashian West goes for a “less is more” approach?

BEAUTYcrew Junior Writer / March 12 2020

Adulting can be hard – late nights, early mornings, stress and a less-than-balanced diet, resulting in a lacklustre complexion and tired eyes. Whilst a depuffing eye cream, icy cold jade roller and a generous swipe of concealer might seem to do the trick, we may have found a new trick for you. Celebrity makeup artist to Kim Kardashian West and Kate Bosworth, Mario Dedivanovic relies on “micro-concealing” to brighten and perfect, without hiding skin.

Designed to embrace a natural glow after a hard-working skincare routine, the technique calls for a perfectly shade-matched and feather-light concealer, dotted over breakouts and pigmentation. Gently patted into skin with a flat brush and blurred with fingers, the technique gives undetectable coverage where you need it and nothing more, for a fresh-faced effect.

To mask signs of a restless night, Dedivanovic applies a thin layer of concealer to the corners of and underneath eyes where shadows creep in. To diffuse coverage into skin, reach for a damp sponge, blending concealer towards the outer corners of the eye, and following with a light dusting of setting powder to keep concealer from drifting into fine lines.  

Need a hand picking the right concealer? Find the right one for the job below.

The one for faking that post-yoga glow: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Radiant Touch

The skin care-meets-makeup hybrid: KOSAS Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer

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