Aussie supermarkets will now be stocking all 40 shades of Maybelline’s Fit Me foundation

And it’s about time

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / October 25 2021

Beauty brands have been taking the necessary steps to create more inclusive foundation lines for a few years now. And while Rihanna may have made it cool, Maybelline is about to bring the full force of their Fit Me foundation shade range to the supermarket.

Yep, that’s right. The iconic drugstore giant is releasing all 40 shades of their Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation (was $22 now $11 at Woolworths) via Coles and Woolworths online as a part of a national trial, where customers can utilise the Maybelline Fit Me Match Finder to find their perfect foundation shade.

Image supplied by Maybelline

Image supplied by Maybelline

It’s a big leap forward for inclusivity in Australia, but especially for Maybelline who previously only stocked nine of the Matte & Poreless foundation shades and 12 of the Fit Me Dewy & Smooth foundation shades in supermarkets downunder.

While Maybelline is rolling out their Fit Me foundation initiative on a trial basis, having a spectrum of shades available may just pique the interest of Australian consumers enough to see a more permanent solution come to fruition. 

Image supplied by Maybelline

Image supplied by Maybelline

Just imagine a world where you can pick up your favourite drugstore foundation while you’re doing your weekly grocery shop? 

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Main image credit: Maybelline

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