PSA: Wearing lipstick as eyeshadow is now a thing

It’s the coolest new makeup trend we can’t get enough of

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 14 2019

Do you know what we love almost as much as a new beauty trend? A secret multitasking beauty product. And Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia just delivered on BOTH fronts.

*Insert cheering*

On the P.E. Nation runway, models proved that the humble lipstick can do WAY more than just add a pop of colour to your pout; backstage makeup artists matched the models’ lips to their lids for a super dewy, romantic and effortlessly balmy eye look.

Yep, we’re into it.

To create a flawless base, their skin was firstly prepped with Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil. The rest of their makeup look was kept fairly simple and natural-looking (note that glow though!), letting the mesmerising eye look take centre stage. “It’s a little bit more vamp and organic in that there’s nothing really contrived about it,” says MAC Cosmetics makeup artist Carol Mackie.

The P.E. Nation models wore MAC Cosmetics Strip Down Lipstick in Smoked Almond on their eyes and lips – a statement look that creates a cool monochromatic vibe. For this look, you don’t have to worry about sharp, clean lines – Mackie says blurred edges and an overall ‘less perfect’ effect is the goal. “We’re using it as a stain and we’re washing it around the eye, allowing it to have movement - it’s all about movement and freedom,” Mackie told us backstage.

Game enough to break it out? It’s pretty easy to copy.

Mackie recommends using a similar process to how you would create a stained lip. To create the look, she started by using the MAC Cosmetics 224 Brush, dabbing it into the lipstick and applying the colour onto the entire lid, blending it out for a soft, diffused look.

“The other way you can do it as well - a little trick if you want to get in to the outer corners - is to just gently dab the lipstick on with your finger, then you can give it a little bit more strength through [the outer corners]." 

Mackie then used the soft brush to blend the lipstick up to the brow bone, creating a bolder and more dramatic look. “It gives a bit more a tough look as opposed to a pretty look,” she says.

Models also wore a touch of blinding gold pigment on the inner corners of their eyes for a ridiculously eye-popping look. “We’re also giving her a touch of armour with a glint of gold – and that kind of gives it that extra bit of strength and power. It’s all about empowering women.”

To achieve the hint of gold on the inner corners of the eye, Mackie used a gold pigment and combined it with a water-based mixing medium, like MAC Cosmetics Mixing Medium Eyeliner, which was applied throughout the inner corner of the eyes. “Then we’ve come back in with a cotton bud and used the tip to give it more movement, so it’s not just placed on,” adds Mackie. 

The combination of muted brown lipstick and the touch of gold metallic hues on the inner corners adds texture and depth to the overall makeup look. As for the brows, models just wore a swipe of MAC Cosmetics Brow Set to keep them in place.

So damn simple, yet so darn cool. We’re totally digging in!

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What products in your makeup kit are secret multitaskers? Would you ever try this eye look? Let us know in the comment section below.

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