4 men's hairstyles to try

Bored of asking your barber for “a bit of a trim”? Pick one of the top four styles of the season, then maintain it at home

Men's Health / June 16 2016

Whether you’re a short, back and sides man, a number two enthusiast or you can’t remember the last time you saw your barber, it’s time for a style update. Here, we reveal the top four hair trends guaranteed to turn heads—and they’re all a cinch to maintain. Your hairspiration starts now.

The Sharp Surfer

“This is a great look for guys who don’t want to look too done up, but still need to wear a suit,” says Sam Overton, creative director at Unilever Haircare. It requires medium length on the top with the hair trimmed to shape on the sides and around the ears. Think Eddie Redmayne.

Tool kit: Take a 20¢ piece of Lynx Black Casual Styling Clay in your fingers and rub your hands together to warm the product. Run your fingers through your hair like a comb to get a relaxed finish. Want a bit more grit? Blast your hair with good dose of dry shampoo and work through.

The Man Bun

While Jared Leto may have waved farewell to his man bun, this hairstyle isn’t going anywhere. “This look has well and truly solidified itself in the male grooming scene,” says Overton. The catch, however, is that this style requires patience: “It takes time to get the hair to the right length to avoid looking like a try-hard.”

Tool kit: This one’s easy to maintain, says Overton. Grab a sea salt spray like Sachajuan Ocean Mist and spray onto wet hair. Let it dry naturally or give it a quick blast with a hair dryer, then gather the hair at the back of your head and pull it through a hair elastic, remembering to leave the ends out. Don’t use a rubber band – it will snap your strands off.


The Don Draper

You mightn’t want to copy Don Draper’s ferocious drinking habits, but the Mad Men star’s sleek side-part is well worth emulating. “This look starts with skin fades on the sides and an even length on the top that is slicked back with gel and finished with wax for a dapper vibe,” says Overton.

Tool kit: Run a light gel like John Frieda Frizz Ease Clearly Defined Gel through wet hair and blow-dry, forcing the hair back to shape the style. To make it even more clean-cut, grab a soft-shine pomade or wax like Oribe Rough Luxury Soft Molding Paste and style as desired. This look can grow out quickly, so Overton recommends a monthly visit to the barber.

The Modern Quiff

“The college quiff is nothing new in terms of style,” says Overton, “but the latest variation does give it a modern twist.” The look is simple: short sides, length on top and a matte texture. Blokes are better with visuals, so look to the red carpet to get a grip on this style. Zac Efron does it particularly well.

Tool kit: Start by applying gel, then blow-dry through to give the strands some guts. Finish with a 20¢ piece of American Crew Molding Clay, which will give hair a natural, matte look that doesn’t throw off blinding reflections. “Just get your hands in there and mess it about,” says Overton. “With this style, you don’t want hair to look perfect.”


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