Sexiest man alive Michael B Jordan has a surprisingly low-key grooming routine

He doesn’t wash his face everyday???

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / January 14 2021

Another year and another man has been declared as the sexiest man alive by People Magazine.

The man in question? None other than Hollywood heartthrob Michael B Jordan.

Image credit: People mag.

Image credit: People mag.

Although Jordan has the kind of good looks that align him with O.G. megababes like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp (the pair have managed to take out the title of sexiest man at least twice over the past twenty years), as he admitted in an interview with ELLE, he’s surprisingly low-key when it comes to grooming. 

“I'm super low-maintenance: shower, moisturise, put some cologne on.”

Opting for a basic skin care routine, the Coach ambassador likes to keep his skin clean and hydrated, but also isn’t afraid to give his skin a breather from cleansing to reduce the risk of irritation or stripping the skin of moisture. 

"I don't wash my face every day," he admitted. "I might wash it once every two, three days. You've got to give your face a break. You don't want to keep stripping it down all the time and exfoliating every day."

He doesn’t mind pampering himself though, saying he’s taken an interest in self care recently through the occasional salon visit, “self-care? Manicure, pedicure—I'm starting to get more into that.”

Men, take notes, nail care is no joke! 

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