Miley Cyrus has granted two-tone ‘halo hair’ an official comeback

A trend with hair health benefits? Hallelujah

Editor / March 15 2023

Miley Cyrus is the master of granting every musical ‘era’ a whole new hair look. The entire world basically stopped when she debuted her 'Bangerz' crop, and she’s gone from strength to strength since.

She made major regrowth cool again when "Malibu" dropped, and the 'Plastic Hearts' album was all about reviving the mullet (fitting considering her dad gave the style its first major pop culture moment).

And now she's ushering in yet another hair era. But before we get into that, let's take a look back, shall we?

'Bangerz' era

"Malibu" era

'Plastic Hearts' era

Miley Cyrus' 'halo hair' look

For the release of her newest body of work, 'Endless Summer Vacation', Cyrus is embracing her longest hair look yet, showing off flowing (but gorgeously natural) waves while out and about celebrating the album hitting airwaves.

Though her cut is a little more classic this time around, her colour is as avant-garde as ever. Cyrus is a statement-maker, after all. It seems like the songstress couldn’t choose between blonde or brunette, so she simply decided to be both!

Carrying the torch for the two-tone trend Dua Lipa started with her 'Future Nostalgia' album, Cyrus showed off bright platinum blonde layered over deep chocolate brunette. She’s actually using a colour technique coined “halo hair”, a method which keeps the top and front areas of the hair (AKA where the reflection of a ‘halo’ would fall) light and bright, while allowing for depth, dimension, and darker colour beneath.

'Endless Summer Vacation' era

The benefits of 'halo hair'

Adapting Cyrus’s halo hair aesthetic is actually a pretty solid strategy if you want to grow your ends out. By leaving them untouched (AKA skipping the bleach), they’ll have a far better chance at growing long and strong. Leave your natural texture intact like she has, too, and you’ll be off to a very solid start.

And while yes, the blonde on top may scream ‘high maintenance’, it won’t require as much upkeep as you may think. Cyrus is once again proving that you don’t need to have your hair colour topped up annoyingly often, even if you’re super blonde. If anyone dares to roast your regrowth, send them to this article – it’s a trend, guys!

The contrast was carried through her entire look too, with both her eyeshadow and her outfit showing off stark combinations of light and deep tones. We’re telling you; Cyrus thinks through every detail! We’re ready and waiting to see how the rest of this era rolls out – it’s bound to shape beauty as significantly as its perfectly-executed predecessors…

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