Miley Cyrus has washed her hair how many times during quarantine?!

Warning: may elicit feelings of nausea

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / June 24 2020

Now look, we love some Miley Cyrus shenanigans just as much as the next retired millennial Hannah Montana stan, but it appears Miley has developed a specific beauty habit during quarantine that we just can’t get behind.

During an interview on the Variety and iHeart podcast The Big Ticket, Miley confessed to washing her hair a grand total of two times during quarantine… ummmm what? Come again?

“In the past four months I think I’ve washed my hair twice,” she said at the start of the interview. “Once for you and once for Sir Elton John.”

And before you ask, no she’s not protesting anything, this is just a decision she has made of her own volition. 

This is the kind of tomfoolery we need to put a lid on ASAP. 

It’s only downhill from here people: imagine sharing the commute into the office on the train every morning with someone who shares Miley’s sentiments. 

She must be stopped.

In other tragic news, Keke Palmer’s lost her baby hairs? The star had a somewhat traumatising dermaplaning facial.

Main image credit: @mileycyrus

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