Miranda Kerr’s unusual eight-day cleanse

The benefits make it sound pretty worthwhile

Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

When you hear the term ‘juice cleanse’, your mind usually jumps to cleansing and detoxifying ingredients like cayenne pepper, kale and lemon. 

Well, Miranda Kerr bucked the trend when she went on a recent eight-day cleanse, opting for a diet of goat’s milk. Yes, goat’s milk. 

I just did a goat’s milk cleanse that was eight days of just raw unpasteurised goat milk with some herbs to clean out your intestines,” she said of her unusual choice. 

The cleanse, which involved being able to drink an endless amount of the milk, as well as making sure to take the herbal pills every two hours was recommended to Kerr by naturopathic doctor Dr. Linda Lancaster, and apparently all the convincing she needed was being told, “you’ll feel really good.”

And it turns out she did. “It has lots of natural fat in it, and I just felt more energised, like it cleans you out. You don’t do it to lose weight, but it felt like my eyes were clearer, and I was thinking clearer. And I thought it was a really great way to kind of detox the intestines,” she revealed.

Despite feeling great during and after the cleanse, Kerr was quick to admit that it wasn’t exactly easy, saying, “The only thing that’s hard is the habit, and other people think you’re weird. I went to a work dinner with Evan [Spiegel, founder of Snapchat] and put my milk on ice and they were all drinking you know, champagne or whatever, and they must have thought, ‘What’s wrong with this girl,?’ and I was like ‘Right! I’ll just be the person with my milk.”

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