The high-tech mirror that promises to solve your skin care woes

It may well be your very own knight in reflective armour

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 25 2017

If there’s one area of the beauty world that’s easy to get lost in, skin care is it. Not only is there an abundance of cleansers, toners, serums, oils and moisturisers to sift through, we also all have the hard task of finding the right products and ingredients that will work best with our own skin types.

Consequently, dermatologists are (and will always be) the best people to seek advice from for a personalised skin care routine that will produce the best results for you. However, if for whatever reason a face-to-face consultation isn’t an option for you, a new high-tech beauty release that launched overseas in October last year might be an effective alternative.

The HiMirror, which was named a 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree by the Consumer Electronics Showcase, is a relatively small mirror designed to analyse your skin, track your progress and provide information and tips, essentially functioning as an at-home, electronic dermatologist.

The device is equipped with a built-in high-resolution camera that takes photos of your (makeup free) face before analysing your imperfections such as pigmentation, wrinkles and visible pores. A ‘Skin Index Synthesis Report’ is then created, which generates a numerical score based on your skin’s overall healthiness, clarity, texture, brightness and firmness. It also provides a target area to focus on while also sharing information about the best ways to reach your skin goals.

Additionally, the mirror can also catalogue the products in your skin care routine and allows you to make notes on each products’ pros, cons as well as their effectiveness.

Currently, the HiMirror, which retails for US$189 is only available in the United States through Amazon and the device’s own website. So if you’re looking to score one for yourself, make a note to get in touch with any friends you have in the States or pick one up the next time you’re visiting.

If a smart, skin-improving mirror wasn’t enough, there’s also a mirror that can print your own makeup!

Image credit: @bellahadid

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