Spiky '90s updos are trending at the MTV Movie & TV Awards

BIG Mandy Moore in "Candy" energy

Editor / June 21 2022

Spiky hair was obviously a massive part of the '90s; boybands made sure of that. But while the guys definitely did some gel-assisted damage of their own, spiky hair was huge for the trend-setting ladies of the era, too. Think less Lance Bass, and more Mandy Moore in her "Candy" music video.

While Moore's look may be the most memorable, she's certainly not the only one who embraced the punk-inspired aesthetic. The Olsen twins and Hilary Duff (as Lizzie McGuire) also helped cement the spiky bun's lasting legacy.

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But though the return of '90s-everything meant this one would no doubt eventually return for its second moment in the sun, we're still shocked to see it come back in such a big way.

Three stars rocking a throwback trend on the same 2022 red carpet? That's legit. And that's exactly what just happened at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, with Vanessa Hudgens (the evening's host), Olivia Rodrigo and Sofia Carson (ironically being three ex-Disney darlings; the Lizzie McGuire effect is strong) all showing off some seriously spiky updos.

They did, however, all style their ‘spikes’ slightly differently, with Hudgens favouring a centre part and subtle spikes, Carson pairing similar length spikes with a sleek deep side part, and Rodrigo going full 'Mandy Moore' with fanned-out spikes on both sides and the very same edgy diagonal part. Who knew the vintage style could be so versatile?!

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It's actually an incredibly easy look to replicate, too; we did it for our school discos and we can do it again. To start, just lock in your preferred parting, secure hair into a pony at your desired height, smooth the sides down to nail the sleek finish and separate your pony into two.

Next, twist the sections around each other in a circular motion to get the two intertwined (and start building your bun). Stop twisting once you get toward the ends (with the chunkiness of your spikes depending on the lengths you leave out), then pin in place at the back of your head, allowing the loose ends to fan and peek out as 'spikes' (whether pointing upwards like Carson's, downwards like Hudgens' or in both directions like Rodrigo's).

And there you have it: a style your '90s faves (as well as your modern day beauty icons) would all be proud of!

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