Nanoblading is the new technique that promises you Instagram-worthy brows

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Digital News and Entertainment Editor / March 19 2020

While microblading has long held the reigns as an eyebrows best friend, its time as queen of the techniques may be coming to an end thanks to a new, supposedly more precise variation, called ‘nanoblading’. 

The new technique promises to deliver brows like those of Dua Lipa, Shanina Shayk and Lily Collins and will give you that Insta-worthy detail you've been searching for. 

Check out some results of nanoblading for yourself:

Royals Clinic Australia at North Ryde offer eyebrow nanoblading and we got the full scoop on the process in our exclusive interview with the clinic's founder, Fay Rezaei.

What is nanoblading?

“Nano blading is the use of really sharp, super fine needles to mimic the actual size of hair on the skin.” 

Is it different to microblading? If so, how?

“It’s a little different to microblading - because it’s superfine it won’t cause as much trauma to the skin. It’s also more flexible with movement.”

What is the finish like/results that can be expected?

“The finished results are more natural-looking, hair-like strokes. Nano blading won’t cause the pigment to bleed into other areas of the skin. For some clients, microblading can bleed and cause the stroke to look thicker once healed beneath the skin - this happens mostly for clients with oilier skin. Nano blading definitely provides a more natural result and it is the new, improved method of microblading!”

How long does it last?

“Nano blading lasts up to two years but will sometimes need topping up earlier depending on the client’s lifestyle and skin.”

Who is suitable for?

“Nanoblading is for everyone. While it is for everyone we always do an in-depth consultation with our clients. This way we can let our clients know if there is anything that can affect their results and also let them know approximately how long it could last, or if anything will affect the treatment.”

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