The anti-ageing day cream that increases your skin’s own collagen production

NIVEA Cellular Hyaluron Filler Day Cream SPF 15 Reviews

Here’s what our Review Crew® had to say about the anti-ageing cream

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / September 21 2018

The product

Unfortunately, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin are a reality of ageing. As we get older, our natural production of collagen slows down and then deteriorates approximately one to two per cent per year after the age of 30. Because collagen is the protein responsible for making our skin look plump and healthy, its deterioration leads to sagging skin and the formulation of wrinkles. While that may sound all doom and gloom, there is hope! NIVEA has recently launched the Cellular Hyaluron Filler Day Cream SPF 15, a hydrating daily moisturiser that works by encouraging the skin’s own cells to produce more collagen. But it doesn’t stop there. The formulation also stimulates cells to create more hyaluron (also known as hyaluronic acid). Hyaluronic acid has become a wonder ingredient in skin care for its ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. So, by boosting your own body’s reserves of hyaluron, your skin is bound to look younger and well nourished.

Our panel of Review Crew® testers put this product to the test.

The panel

Beauty Crew sent the NIVEA Cellular Hyaluron Filler Day Cream SPF 15 to a panel of women aged between 45 and 60 years old who want to tackle a loss of skin volume and reduce the appearance of their deep wrinkles.

The lowdown

Here’s what the Review Crew® loved about the NIVEA Cellular Hyaluron Filler Day Cream SPF 15:

How hydrated and plump the cream left skin looking: The vast majority of testers loved how moisturised and plump their skin both looked and felt after application, with many commenting that their complexions still felt well hydrated at the end of a long working day.

How effectively the formula reduced the appearance of wrinkles: Reviewers were pleasantly surprised by how well the cream reduced the appearance of their fine lines and wrinkles after just a few weeks of trialling product.

How the creamy formula didn’t leave skin feeling oily: Because the cream is so thick and hydrating, some testers were concerned it would leave their skin feeling greasy. Luckily, the formula glided on easily, leaving their skin feeling smooth and plump with absolutely no oily residue.

The verdict

“This moisturiser stayed on all day and gave my skin a soft silky feel. It seemed to plump up skin, particularly around the eyes, and reduced the visibility of fine lines. I also used it on my neck for great results as well!”
Review Crew® member
“I loved using Nivea Cellular Hyaluron Filler Day Cream. It applies smoothly, absorbs quite quickly and has a nice feel to it. My skin felt hydrated immediately after application and my lines appeared less noticeable. My skin still felt hydrated a few hours later, which is a bonus when working in an air-conditioned environment that tends to dehydrate my skin.”
Review Crew® member
“I really enjoyed trialling the Nivea Cellular Hyaluron Cellular Filler Day Cream. The creamy consistency had a very pleasant fragrance and glided on easily. My skin felt fresh, plumped and hydrated and I felt it did improve the fine lines around the eye area. Very happy with the results!”
Review Crew® member

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