Olivia Munn got a perm – and it’s actually pretty amazing!

And she documented the WHOLE process

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 28 2020

Guys, Olivia Munn just got a perm and it looks *so* good. After teasing us with her new ‘do on Instagram last week, she’s finally shared the result.

In case you haven’t heard, the famous ‘80s hairstyle is making a bit of a comeback (last month Emma Stone took the perm plunge, too). The good news? It looks a whole lot better than it used to.

Taking to Instagram to share her dismay for uncooperative hair, Olivia wrote, “My hair is so thick and heavy so I have a hard time getting body into it. Sooo I’m putting in my first permanent wave by @bykileyfitz. Wish me luck!!”

For anyone curious about the perm process – she’s documented the whole thing. 

Celebrity hairstylist Kiley Fitzgerald starts by sectioning Olivia’s hair before wrapping it in giant bendy rollers. While she assured that the whole process didn’t hurt at all, her wincing face told us a different story.

Post-orange rollers, Fitzgerald went on to apply the perm formula before blotting Olivia’s hair with a towel and rinsing it all off.

Her hair was twisted into super tight little ringlets and blow-dried. Then she made us wait a whole two days to see the final result. We know you have to wait this long before shampooing, but still. We couldn’t wait to see the results.

In a series of videos, kooky Snapchat filters, boomerangs and photos, Olivia showed off her soft, natural-looking waves - which looked every bit voluminous, stylish and FULL of glorious texture!

Check out her full Instagram story below.

In case you want to skip ahead and see how good a perm can look these days, here’s the final result:

If you’re not quite ready to commit to the perm but need help in the texture department, check out these easy ways to create an effortless, airy blow-dry.

What do you think of Olivia’s perm? Would you give the retro style a try? Let us know in the comment section below.

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