Master the textured ponytail

Perfect for day or night

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / June 30 2016

We get it - sometimes you’re just not having a good hair day. In those instances, the easiest thing to do is to throw it up in a ponytail, right?

Next time that happens, simply take advantage of the opportunity, and up the ante on your regular style and create a high, voluminous textured ponytail that’s can easily be worn for any occasion. Hey, if it works for Barbara Palvin on the red carpet, it sure can work for us, too.

Here, expert hairstylist Kevin Murphy (also founder of cult-favourite haircare brand Kevin.Murphy) teaches us how to recreate the look.


Build a base

To add grit to clean and dry hair, apply a small amount of texturising lotion (Kevin.Murphy Hair.Resort works well in this case) from the mid-lengths to ends.


Add texture

Next, use a medium-barrel curling tong (such as ghd curve classic wave wand) to add movement to straight hair. To do so, grab large sections of hair and wrap it around the tool randomly – there is no need to be a perfectionist with this step.


Divide your hair

Using a tail comb (like Dateline Professional Plastic Tail Comb), section across the back of your head, starting from the tip of one ear, across the crown, and to the other ear. Clip the bottom section away.


Tie it up

Pull the top section back tightly, and secure into a high ponytail on your crown with an elastic (like Lady Jayne Snagless Elastics).


Finish it off

Unclip the bottom section and pull your hair up to join the top ponytail. Once again, secure tightly with a hair elastic, making sure that your second elastic covers the first one.

This method is great for people with heavy or lots of hair as the two elastics create a strong hold
Kevin Murphy


Wrap it up

Take a small section of hair (about 3cm thick) from the bottom of your ponytail, and wrap it around the elastics to hide them. Use a bobby pin to lock it in place.


Pull it out

Using your fingers, gently pull out random sections of hair around your ponytail for a tousled effect.

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